Blue Line Fitness delivers lifestyle fitness programs on a friendly user app on your smartphone. You don't have to think about what you need to do at the gym. Just show up and follow the program. Exercises have detailed instruction, along with videos, so you feel confident in performing the exercises. The program has a blend of strength training, conditioning, and mobility work so you can feel stronger, quicker, and deal with less pain in your back, knees, and shoulders.

As a law enforcement officer and fitness professional, I have seen a lot of officers choosing programs that don't align with their job duties, are prone to injury, and don't see the progress they want. Blue Line Fitness Programs are well-rounded that can not only help you achieve your personal goals but will also help you on duty.

Want to start an officer wellness program in your department?

Officers in today's climate are facing more challenges and stress than ever before. We need every officer in the department to be healthy and strong, both physically and mentally. Taking action now can help officers increase their physical and mental well-being, leading to positive outcomes in not only their job performance, but also in their personal roles as a spouse, parent, family member, and friend.

Blue Line Fitness wants to change the police culture surrounding officer wellness. We want officers to serve their communities to the highest of their abilities while also being the best role model at home. We want officers to live a long and fulfilled life. We want our officers to be confident in their physical capabilities, possess the mental resiliency to get through challenges, and have the emotional well being to sustain healthy relationships.

The Blue Line Fitness Officer Wellness Program can help assist the officers in your department gain the knowledge and skills to take control of their physical and mental health. It includes nutrition advice, stress management tactics, sleep guidance, and weight-training programs. If you are interested in learning how an Officer Wellness program can help your department, contact Justin using the button below.


  • Chat communication so you can get questions answered in a timely manner
  • Accountability through tracking the good habits you want to start or the bad habits you want to break
  • Phone call check-ins to help you stay on track and reach your goals faster
  • Reviewing your exercise technique and food logs so you feel stronger in your lifts and eat healthier meals without giving up all of your favorite foods
  • Specialized Exercise Programs to fit your specific needs and goals

Department Assessments, Workshops and More


Are the officers in your department staying fit? When is the last time they performed a physical fitness assessment? Blue Fitness can deliver on-site physical fitness testing to assess your officers' current fitness levels so you can set specific and relevant goals.


Do you want your officers to have more knowledge in skills with lifestyle fitness? Blue Line Fitness offers in-person workshops to teach officers proper exercise fundamentals, nutrition guidance, sleep and stress management techniques, and mobility/flexibility exercises.


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