Providing online lifestyle fitness coaching and accountability for law enforcement officers so they can relieve job stress and live healthier lives.


As a consequence of the unlawful actions of a handful of individuals, society is rejecting all officers. Society has come to believe that there is systemic racism and that there needs to be police reform. Due to this, there are more restrictions, statute changes, lawsuits, hate, and lack of support. Cops are left feeling stressed, hopeless, rejected, and unsupported. It is just plain wrong because it’s their job to catch the bad guys, but society is viewing them as the bad guy.

As a law enforcement officer for five years, I know the struggles and pain you are going through and the effect this has on your health. Proper exercise, nutrition, and a supportive environment helped me manage my job stress and I know that it can help you.

I have used my passion for a healthy fitness lifestyle and have coached over 100 clients to get stronger, leaner, and healthier. I admire and respect the profession you chose; which is why I got your 6. I want to give you the support that you deserve so you can feel like the good guy again.


Blue Line Fitness provides structured fitness programs, nutrition guidance, and accountability tracking so you can be stronger, relieve stress, and live happier. All of this is through a custom, user-friendly app that you can download right to your phone. Follow these three simple steps to get started:

1) Schedule a Free, 30 Minute Consult. We'll learn about your goals and answer any questions you may have.

2) We'll discuss how the first 6 month Field Training Officer (FTO) program will help you achieve success.

3) Follow the program and you will become as strong as you are heroic

What your First six months Look Like

Every officer starts their career with a Field Training Officer (FTO) program; which is exactly what I'm naming your first program. An FTO program is designed to train an officer in the fundamental skills necessary to be a great cop.

You can't achieve success in your career without a solid foundation of a growth mindset, a supportive environment, good habits, knowledge, and skills. My FTO Program will help you:

  • Learn the fundamental exercises with instructional videos
  • Establish healthy routines and habits outside the gym
  • Give nutrition guidance without giving up all of your favorite foods
  • Feel accountable so you can become a stronger version of yourself

Relieve Job Stress

Get Stronger & Leaner

Live Happier & Healthier

Don't have time?

Blue Line Fitness workouts are 60 minutes or less. We'll even help find some time in your busy schedule.

Struggle with staying on track?

We'll help establish a supportive environment and outline easy tasks so you are set up for success. We will keep you accountable every step of the way.

Don't know what you are doing?

Programs have instructional exercise videos, exercise technique and food log reviewal, and a chat communication feature so you can ask questions.


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